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by We Are Waves

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Road To You 03:02
Taking time to get lost like snowflakes I’m redressing my mistakes Stealing your hands and neck Like a wreck I’ll always love the road to you With a picture of your scent I will stay To keep your shadow on my way While I’m walking on a feeling of faint I’ll always love the road to you There seems to be no end in sight Something beautiful takes me on a fright So keep me warm, somewhere inside you keep me warm Tonight While the fog eats the sun as a slime I remember when my heart beat last time Now It’s my own sunrise, my first prize I’ll always love the road to you
Old Days 03:59
Come a long way to be here Come a long way to be here But if I’m honest with myself I don’t know where I am I’m defined and cursed again Everytime I look at me So who am I? And who are those thousands That keep on watching From my old days Beauty walks with us When we look ahead All the missing pieces on the road Won’t make a human being It’s a heavy weight for shoulders That won’t ever be strong Enough to face the faces Of my old days I was so much older When my age was into teen All that I can do Is make up for My lost and wasted time The pain I felt The days I’ve lost The tears I cried The fingers on the wall Run away and fade Don’t trust in who has never been in suffering Even if it’s hard He will never tame the blaze Of my old days
Been a daughter Taken fake pills Silent and quiet at night A bride with ball and chain When I feel his body It is just another lie To get out of hell Feed me – power, corruption and lies I don’t know who I am Trick me with that insignificant guy I cannot understand Buried in days that I can’t stand Met you in secret Afterglows in crumbling rooms You will be my getaway tonight Now I’m right to give the blame The dream will come true It is a boat trip away And a drowning affair, just a drowning affair I can’t stand A dead body in my hand We’ll keep this lie as a violent token
Blue Lies 04:02
It’s colder than the day before Days are getting older Walking against a wind that takes us Where it wants to We live a thousand lives In a generation time And we still don’t know How to speak our minds I really hate it Lies - Blue lies Told to myself We’ll lose the fight against ephemeral But I believe in lies Told to myself See you tomorrow at the same time You said: “whatever place you’re calling home, Take me before we get lost In any other time, any other place” I have read somewhere All you have to do is hold me tight And nothing will happen
Looking down to find a meaning Looking down to find a reason why I hang around Sun’s imploding while I’m ceasing To depict a life that wasn’t mine I hang around But I’m afraid whenever I’m alone I feel afraid whenever I’m alone Into the hurricane Of a noisy brain of mine While the snow melts into rain And my prints are visible again I hang around Fever pitch, that’s the feeling For the thousand ways I’ll cover up I won’t hang around I’ll never hang around But I’m afraid whenever I’m alone I feel afraid whenever I’m alone Into the hurricane Of a noisy brain of mine Into the hurricane that ever I had to look into the eye Into the creepy haze That all the days I tried to leave behind In a meaningless existence I can’t fill with a light And I’m afraid whenever I’m alone I know why I’m afraid whenever I’m alone How did I come to this?
Apart from the feelings Out of control Unimposing soul We walk into fields of words They’ll never be said, they’ve fled We’ll never know their fate There is no guilt in that There is no mistake I’ve got to keep on looking back We will never grow Future days go down below Emptiness behind the walls They fall, they fall Tall like waterfalls Laid on the shore We’ll drink to this destroyed home Before it is built, we’ll wilt Without a shining light Beyond all the possible choices Beyond all the possible lives I’ve got to keep on looking back And I know I ran for miles Looking for you in the smile Of every stranger Of every danger That I found Is it your heart, it doesn’t beat My eyes see just a piece of meat I should wake up I’ve got to stop looking Stop looking back
Here 03:38
Staying here Where the buildings disappear Today Time is eating us away Leaving spots of haze I saw the line beyond the fear Laid for evermore And this place is a light year From what I’m here for Fading voices on my side Sing unhappy songs of nevermore Staying here The fine line between dark and clear Is blurring more and more The more I try to face the pain The less I fit in with my brain In this everywhere of waste behind me
Worship 04:12
It takes a while Just a moment A bad choice Pale smooth thighs Sharp as silence In a bitter backseat haze She’s not out of her woods yet And I am dragged to her mud, again Watching demons sweat Out from our skin As if there was no tonight Just let me worship your wrong way In a sleazy way We’ll be led astray Moved by lust and faith We’re alone, together Crack of dawn Under the overpass Cold as hell Shall we grow and forget this all Shall we grow and fix what we broke Shall we grow and run, run, run away from darkness Your own wrong way to adore Your own wrong way to die for Your own way to lose control Your own way to make my life An endless worship
A Forest 05:24
Come closer and see See into the trees Find the girl While you can Come closer and see See into the dark Just follow your eyes Just follow your eyes I hear her voice Calling my name The sound is deep In the dark I hear her voice And start to run Into the trees Into the trees Suddenly I stop But i know it’s too late I’m lost in a forest All alone The girl was never there It’s always the same I’m running towards nothing Again and again and again Originally written and composed by The Cure
I’m all the words you’ve never spoken A self portrait denied by your mediocrity I’m all the things you left undone I’ll never find control I’ll never find control I’ll be here in your mind Hidden behind I’m all the help you’ve never given I’m all the people you will not become I’ll never find control I’ll never find control I’ll be here in your mind Hidden behind Contaminating your dreams in a rotten galaxy All your bad dreams will come true ‘Cause they have a face, and it’s me Vain, vain I’m the failure you will be forced to face Awful sound you can’t get out of your head Contaminating your dreams In a rotten galaxy


released January 14, 2014


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We Are Waves Italy

We Are Waves is an Italian post-punk band composed by Fabio ‘Viax’ Viassone (voice, guitar), Cesare Corso (synths), Marco Di Brino (bass) and Adriano Redoglia (drums). The band play a modern version of post-punk, influenced with new wave, synthwave and electronic music. ... more


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